eSolutions brand evolves to GHD Digital helping transform communities

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GHD Digital rebrands eSolutions Group with continued focus on helping to transform communities

Toronto, ON: GHD Digital, a subsidiary of GHD, a leading global professional services firm, is pleased to announce that it is rebranding eSolutions Group to GHD Digital (Canada) Ltd.

eSolutions Group, a company that has provided digital solutions for the public sector for 25 years, will begin operating under the GHD Digital brand on 6 June 2022. GHD acquired eSolutions in 2014 to expand its digital offerings to critical government and infrastructure sectors but continued operating under the eSolutions brand. In 2018, GHD launched GHD Digital, a business dedicated to innovation and digital transformation.

Integrating eSolutions’ offerings into the GHD Digital brand ensures that public sector clients benefit from reduced costs with process automation, better business decisions through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and digital transformation strategies to help deliver a first-class citizen experience. With the support of GHD’s 10,000 experts worldwide, working in sectors including water, energy and environment, the team will provide insights and solutions that will help clients address the broader needs of their communities.

“While our name is changing, our dedication and commitment to our clients and the citizens and communities they serve, is not,” said Ali Carden, Global Practice Director - Products and Platforms, GHD Digital. “We value the relationships we’ve built with our clients over the past two decades. We will continue to place our clients’ needs at the core of our product design and development to help them build vibrant, forward-thinking communities.”

A recent GHD Digital survey found that 75 percent of Canadian citizens prefer to access their city services through a website or mobile phone, while only 14 percent prefer in-person services. This shift in customer demand has put pressure on municipalities to transform how they interact with their communities and has increased their need for a digital strategy that combines customer experience with operational efficiency and cost reduction.

“Integrating eSolutions fully into the GHD Digital brand will ensure we respond to our clients’ changing needs during these turbulent times,” said Kumar Parakala, President of GHD Digital, “This next step represents boundless opportunities for us to co-create digital solutions that reach the heart of communities.”

About GHD

GHD is a leading professional services company operating in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation. Committed to a vision to make water, energy and urbanization sustainable for generations to come, GHD delivers engineering, architecture, environmental and construction solutions to public and private sector clients. Established in 1928 and privately owned by its people, GHD’s network of 10,000+ specialists are connected across 200 offices located on five continents. Find a local office here.

About GHD Digital

The move to digital is one of the biggest challenges facing clients in our industry. From defining a digital strategy to automating key operations, monitoring critical assets and generating virtual replicas through digital twins, GHD Digital is helping our clients on their transformation journey. Our team of 600 global professionals combines industry knowledge with technology, working with clients to help unlock innovation and change communities for good.

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